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Dry cleaning, laundering and garments dyeing is our family business since 1942. POP S is nowdays recognised in the Europe and in the World as individual member of the most important association of textyle care specialists CINET /Comunite International De Netoyage A Sec/ (joinedin the 2005)

The owner Goran Popović is a CINET liason officer for South East Europe since New Orleans meeting in 2013. He published a first book in the region about dry cleaaning business „Textile care“ in the 2006.

We are not only superior dry cleaning but we are also specialised in the supply of laundry and dry cleanings with all kind of equipment, devices, chemists & auxiliaries. We are dealers in the region of the best known brands in the industry as well as:

FIRBIMATIC http://www.firbimatic.it/ a leading company of the FMB group for production of dry cleaning machines in the market of Serbia /with Kosovo/, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro & Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL bvba  http://www.ipso.com/ world known producer of professional washing extractors, dryers and ironers of IPSO brend in the market of Serbia.

RENZACCI Italy http://www.renzacci.it/producer of professional washing extractors, dryers and ironers of famous Italian brend in the market of FYR Macedonia, Montenegro & Bosnia and Herzegovina.

PONY Italy http://www.pony-italy.com/producer of the best professionalmachines for fine ironing in the market of Serbia, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro & Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ARTMECC Italy http://www.artmecc.it/ producer of ecological bagging machines for laundries and dry cleaning.

SEITZ Germany http://www.seitz24.com/producer of the most reliable chemists for dry cleaning and laundry business.

BIAR Italy http://www.biar.it/producer of the specialized chemists for suede, leather & furs treatment as well as detergents for laundry, dry cleaning, knitting…

Vitomir Vid Popović (the father of the actual owner, born 1929 – died 2006) started dry cleaning business in Maksim Jezdic’s dry cleaning & laundry in the city of Šabac.He was graduated as dry cleaning assistent in 1942 and dry cleaning craftsman in 1951 in Niš. He started his private business in Kragujevac in 1952. Later on he was holding stores in  Bihać, Ripač, Slunj, Kulen Vakuf, Cazin and in New Belgrade.

Our Services

Masters POP S doo combine the experience of the trade with the most advanced techniques of environmental care textiles. Our team other than with conventional solvents / perchlorethylene / has experience with alternative organic liquids. So, in this activity, as well as the number of facilities in which we offer our services, we are leaders in this field in Serbia.