We are proud you choosed POPS to wash your personal fine linen and cloth wear. Important care is taken at each step of our process to ensure your laundry is beautifully finished prior to being returned to you.

All items are inspected and then washed with the gentle detergents before being finished to our exacting standards. Your crisp clean laundry is then folded and packed in biodigradable nylon sacs ready for you to enjoy.

Our laundry service includes clothing, bed linens, lingerie, table linens, towels and more.

If you ask for whitening and stearching of your laundry we do it without any surcharge.


I am glad that there is such a universal dry cleaning shop, extra friendly staff ... Thank you
Čupković Nataša
Thank you, you're wonderful. I lost hope the spot will disappear but it disappeared. All praise for the ladies that work. Greeting
Jasna Varga
Do you know that you are a true wizards! Things look new just bought at the store! Keep up the ... Congratulations !!! Your now loyal customers
Aleksandar Kocanović
You are great! All for 10+
Slavko Latinović