Masters POP S doo combine the experience of the trade with the most advanced techniques of environmental care textiles. Our team other than with conventional solvents / perchlorethylene / has experience with alternative organic liquids. So, in this activity, as well as the number of facilities in which we offer our services, we are leaders in this field in Serbia.

In harmony with nature

To provide our customers services they deserve our company operates in accordance with the quality management system according to ISO 9001, the system of environmental management ISO 14001 and management systems of health and safety at work OHSAS 18001 certified.

Always close by

Our shop network is expanding in order to be closer to you.

Secure distribution

You will get your wardrobe neatly packed in branded bags or packages both made of biodegradable nylon. Upon your request we deliver shirts packed in cardboard substrate at no extra charge. Ready for packing for the trip.

On your home address

For regular customers, our Priority Club members, and other large customers pick up and deliver garments at your home.