The dry cleaning, wet cleaning and hand cleaning procedures at POPS uses the finest technology in state of the art machines. In the process of dry cleaning we use only pure solvents to deliver impeccable results for everything from suits to designer couture.


We provide first-class cleaning of stains in the ecological spotting cabinet with japanese ultrasonic gun.

We use the widest range of auxiliary chemicals of the most famous manufacturers. All your clothes are manually ironed.

The sensitive clothes are washed in water in Wet Cleaning process, if necessary. This process uses very limited mechanical action and special liquid detergents.

We deliver in package with woolen clothes Moths Repellent Plates without surcharge to the basic price.

I am glad that there is such a universal dry cleaning shop, extra friendly staff ... Thank you
Čupković Nataša
Thank you, you're wonderful. I lost hope the spot will disappear but it disappeared. All praise for the ladies that work. Greeting
Jasna Varga
Do you know that you are a true wizards! Things look new just bought at the store! Keep up the ... Congratulations !!! Your now loyal customers
Aleksandar Kocanović
You are great! All for 10+
Slavko Latinović