The thorough cleaning of any item that is tailored from leather, suede, pigskin or sheepskin demands specialist knowledge.


With logistic support of friends from Biar company ( head of our professional team over the past decade every second year goes on further training in the Italian company New Line Pel ( which is in a narrow top of the job in Italy . We exchange information and news related to top processing of suede, leather and fur.

Natural oils in suedes and leathers can harm the texture if not properly cared for, so our technicians inspect each garment before selecting the most appropriate procedure, be it traditional methods or advanced technology.

We paint leather garments in darker shades with a 6 months warranty. We give back color to suede garment, waterproofing and softness.

I am glad that there is such a universal dry cleaning shop, extra friendly staff ... Thank you
Čupković Nataša
Thank you, you're wonderful. I lost hope the spot will disappear but it disappeared. All praise for the ladies that work. Greeting
Jasna Varga
Do you know that you are a true wizards! Things look new just bought at the store! Keep up the ... Congratulations !!! Your now loyal customers
Aleksandar Kocanović
You are great! All for 10+
Slavko Latinović